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Avoid the hassle of carrying dog poop, never have to touch a baggie.
Hands-free system makes poop vanish inside stylish poop bag holder.


Doody Duffle poop bag holder uses triple layered protection
"I never walk our dog without taking the Doody Duffle with me. It's probably silly, but I HATE having to walk by neighbors with a poop baggie in my hand! 'Oh, hi! Shake hands? I don't think so...'" WH
"The Doody Duffle is a great invention. From the moment I saw what it does, I was sold. I really like using it and never get caught holding the poop baggie!" EE
"I'm a total germ freak and I imagine the germs getting through plain old plastic bags onto my hands, but not with the Doody Duffle. I KNOW my hands are clean because they never even touch the plastic poop baggie!" DS
The Doody Duffle poop bag holder dumps empties it's load
"We love our Doody Duffle and NEVER leave without it. The Duffle stays on the leash so we never have to worry about forgetting it. And when our dog does her business, the poop is quickly picked up and hidden in the bag-out of sight and out of mind until we get home. So we just enjoy the walk and our time together outside with our dog!" TW
"When my husband first told me about the Doody Duffle poop bags, I thought, 'Do we really need that?' Then I saw how it works, how convienient it is, and how it is totally hands-off. Today, I am a Doody Duffle advocate!" EH
"We have a big dog and when he poops, he POOPS, OMG! So the Doody Duffle poop bags are a godsend. It's literally the best pet product to come out in years." GL
"My favorite thing about Doodie Duffle poop baggies is the velcro release tab. So clever! Whoever thought of it is a genius! One pull and zip, right into the trash. Love it, love it, love it." SC
"I used to beg my husband to pick up the poop because I hate the warm, mushy feel in my hand. Gross! But with the way the Doody Duffle waste bag is constructed, you really don't feel anything. As one easily grossed out dog owner, I recommend it heartily." TI
"This was the best birthday gift I've received in years because I use it EVERY DAY! You don't see us on the street with our dog without the Doody Duffle poop bag. It clips right to the leash. Very easy." ML
"It's like the cell phone... After a few weeks you wonder how you ever survived without it? If you have a dog, and you don't have a Doody Duffle, you are missing out." CR