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Avoid a hassle of carrying dog poop. Never touch a poop bag again!
Hands-free system makes poop vanish inside poop bag holder.


How the Doody Duffle poop bag holder works

Hands-Free System

Clips right onto your leash. The Doody Duffle poop bag holder snaps conveniently onto your leash, backpack or belt loop so you don’t have to dangle a poop  baggie from your fingertips. It's always ready to go when you are. Just clip it and forget it!

Slip on a poop baggie

To take full advantage of the Doody Duffle, slip one of our unique draw-string poop baggies onto the outside and poke the draw string through the sewn buttonhole on the side. Now you're ready!

No Warm Squishy Feel

Stop being grossed out! Our unique triple-wall insulation puts a barrier of plastic plus two layers of rip-stop nylon between you and your dog’s waste. You'll never feel a thing! It makes walking your dog far more pleasant!

Flip inside out and pull string

Pick up the poop and then flip the Doody Duffle poop bag inside out. Pull the two draw strings on the side of the bag and you're done. Dog waste is contained securely inside the baggie and inside the Doody Duffle for double protection.

Clean and Germ-Free

Hygienic shield for your hands. According to the EPA, dog waste contains 20 million germs/gram. Our ingenious design of poop bags blocks all contact with germs, pathogens, microbes, parasites & viruses!

Cuts Down on Smell

Double insulation blocks odors. Our patented double-bag design of a doody waste bag contains odors with the quick pull of double drawstrings. It's easy and it works. Enjoy your pet and breathe fresh air!

Preserve your dignity!

Less awkward if you meet someone because the Doody Duffle poop bag holder hides the poop after you pick it up. No one will ever see you carrying dog waste in your hand. No more awkward moments!

Pull Tab Ejection

You don't even have to reach inside the Doody Duffle to remove the waste baggie. Just grab the strong sewn-in pull tab and pull. The poop baggie glides out easily and instantly.

Velcro Trap-Door

Easier to dispose of poop into trash. Just pull open the Velcro trap door on the bottom and the plastic waste bag containing the poop drops smoothly into the trash. You will never have to touch the bag with your hands again.

Emergency Compartment Holds Extra Baggies

Additional waste baggies are stored in the emergency compartment inside the Doody Duffle so if your dog poops twice (or if you have more than one dog) you're always prepared.



Photo of Doody Duffles in 3 colors

Clip Doody Duffle's poop bag holder to your leash and say Yes! to freedom from germs and the embarrassment of having to carry flimsy baggies of poo when you walk your dog. Available in black, green or fuchsia. Includes 10 plastic drawstring poop baggies.

JUST $11.99

The Doody Duffle poop bag holder is the best alternative to carrying flimsy bags of dog waste while walking your pet. The compact, hands-free fabric poop bag easily attaches to your dog’s leash and is ready in a moment’s notice to swoop up your dog’s waste. Simply line the Doody Duffle poop bag with a conveniently-located plastic bag (in a built-in pouch within the Doody Duffle) and retrieve the waste as you would with any other disposable bag. Turn inside out and pull a string and your pet’s waste vanishes out of sight and odor-free, eliminating the need to beat a hasty retreat to the nearest garbage can. When it comes time to dispose of the waste, pull a Velcro tab and the poop baggie inside drops into the trash automatically -- never touching your hands. Equipped to hold more than one plastic poop bag, your Doody Duffle is ready for another pick-up. Comes in three bright colors to make your walks even more attractive! Guaranteed: If you aren't 100% enthused with your Doody Duffle poop bag, just return it with any unused bags within 30 days for a full refund. (We've never had a refund yet!)


Just $7.99

Includes a month's supply of 30 draw-string poop bags making the Doody Duffle the best method to clean up after your dog.